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PlayMore Couture is a specialty provider of high quality lingerie, costumes, and other goods inspired by the rich history of burlesque entertainment that began in Europe and made its ways to the U.S. by the late 19th century. Burlesque intertwined elements of comedy, drama, sexuality, and other expressive forms to become a unique form of entertainment sought after by many. More than a century later, PlayMore Couture hopes to keep this tradition alive by bringing the same sense of allure and excitement directly to customers through a wide array of products and services.

Our number one priority is to ensure that all customers feel welcomed and that their experience with PlayMore Couture is exceptional on all fronts. We support individuals of all backgrounds and will work to ensure all transactions are handled professionally, discretely, and securely. PlayMore Couture realizes the responsibility and privilege of being invited into people’s homes, and especially their bedrooms. We want customers to leave any interaction with the company feeling confident about both themselves and their purchases.

PlayMore Couture takes what we do very seriously, and we realize we provide much more than simply fun and games. Through games, role-play, etc. we learn about ourselves and about others in ways our routine daily lives often cannot provide. Play is not just about fun – sometimes we must tap into the farthest reaches of our imagination to discover aspects of our identities we never knew existed before. PlayMore Couture encourages you to explore and we enthusiastically offer you the tools to do so.

Whether it is finding a bra with the perfect aesthetic or a costume for that special occasion, PlayMore Couture’s products and services are always available to you, and our knowledgeable customer service staff can help further guide the way. We created PlayMore Couture to give YOU the burlesque feeling and attitude. Simply put, we want our customer to feel secure, be confident, and PlayMore!


People Before Profit

Because safety, security, and empowerment lie at the core of PlayMore Couture’s vision, a dollar from each purchase made on our website will be donated to the Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP), a national social justice network dedicated to the fundamental human rights of people involved in the sex trade and their communities, focusing on ending violence and stigma through education and advocacy. PlayMore Couture feels a responsibility to provide support and assistance for those who have been hurt or marginalized by less responsible parts of the industry, and we are proud to partner with the Sex Workers Outreach Project to achieve this goal.

For more information on the Sex Worker Outreach Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit advocacy group, you can find their official website here: http://www.swopusa.org/


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